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Paraflare believes that cyber detection solutions should be accessible to all

The greatest threat to Australian businesses today are cyber criminals whose techniques easily breach outdated computer and IT systems.

Our Threat Detection Team help protect your business 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Managed Detection and Response Service

With ParaFlare Managed Detection and Response Service, ParaFlare knows your business, knows the way you work, knows who you are and what you want to protect. We are your trusted Cyber Security Partner.

24/7 Security Operations

Our 24/7 security operation center is manned by security analysts who discover threats, identify their source, contain the breach and eradicate hackers from your system.

Rather than having an on-call employee, we integrate with our IT service provider, your technology, and your organisation’s procedures to detect and respond to your cyber threats.

highly skilled cyber operators

When you choose our Managed Detection and Response Service (MDRS), we are able to provide you immediate reaction to incidents as they occur. MDRS is retainer or subscription based and is proven to be more cost effective than a 9 to 5 resource. Instead of hiring one unskilled security person, you can rely on our whole team of highly skilled cyber operators to watch your back.

Our Process

Our approach is honest and systematic. ParaFlare takes experience gained in corporate and Government environments to determine how real world threats and criminals seek to penetrate your systems.

  • You don’t understand what your biggest threats are or how your IT system prevents hacks. You think you’re vulnerable and need to know how to protect your corporate data.

  • We assess your critical IT assets, people and processes for cyber-attack vectors, including the deployment of our Australian developed TripFlare system.

  • We have defined your network boundaries, discovered authorised and unauthorised devices and intimately know your system. Your corporate data is protected everywhere.

  • We offer monitoring 24/7 so your IT systems can be protected while IT staff are not at work, giving peace of mind knowing ParaFlare have your back.

Find out if you're protected

If you would like your business to undertake a self-assessment, to better understand if you are protected or not, then get in touch to arrange a ParaFlare Cyber Security Self-Assessment today.

What is Managed Detection & Response?

Boost your Compliance
Cloud Process Analysis
Increased Network Visibility
On Call Incident Responders

Global Protection - On or Off Site
Increase Cyber
24/7 Monitoring
Operations Center
Endpoint Detection & Response

Defend your company

Putting a price on your data, systems and business reputation may be difficult however defending your company from Cyber Attacks need not be. You can protect your organisation for a fraction of the price of a full time security team. Talk to one of our team and they will discuss how Paraflare can help you get protected.

Fully developed in Australia, by Australians, for Australian businesses.

TripFlare has a proven record of accomplishment and is utilised by several ASX 200 organisations.

Partnerships with market leaders

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If you would like your business to undertake a self-assessment to understand if you are protected or not, download our ParaFlare Cyber Security Self-Assessment today.