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active defence against any cyber threat.

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What we do?
The answer is simple.
We catch hackers.

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ParaFlare was born to protect businesses and organisations from growing cyber threats. Serving and protecting is in our DNA. Our founders spent years protecting the Australian Defence Force and the nation.

We protect

your Network 24/7.

Our expert cyber operations team monitors our clients’ networks around the clock from our Security Operations Centre using world class tools and technologies. We partner with our clients to uplift your cyber security tools and expertise, providing a stronger defence.

Active Defence is the highest level of cyber protection. We detect and respond to cyber threats in minutes, not months.

The difference between
passive and active defence.

According to IBM
Security’s latest report:

The average time to detect and contain a data breach in Australia over the past year:

311 days

219 days to detect, 92 to contain.

ParaFlare’s Response Time

The average time for ParaFlare
to respond to a breach:


Average time to resolve is
22 minutes 10 seconds.

Our People

are your best defence.

A Strong National
Security Background

The majority of our team has deep expertise in national security and over 70% hold active security clearances. We work across detection and response, threat hunting, cyber threat intelligence, adversary simulation, cyber risk assessment and strategy.

About Us

Key partners
& Affiliations

We value our affiliations and have established deep partnerships with industry innovators and leaders who align and support our security offering. We work with Microsoft, Sentinel One, Flashpoint, VMware, Fortinet, and Corelight.

Our Partners
We share what we know
We’re committed to doing what we can to increase cyber security education and resilience by sharing our knowledge and insights.

The impending confrontation with adversarial LLMS

Adversaries in cyber security have always had the tactical advantage, as they are not burdened by challenges such as managing big data, processing information in real-time, or obtaining necessary telemetry data.

Integrating aws data into microsoft sentinel

Many businesses choose a multi-cloud strategy that incorporates both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). This is a valid approach, often driven by mergers, acquisitions, or other business needs.

Building the future cyber workforce: UNSW & ParaFlare

With cyber professionals in high-demand, and the threat environment adding constant pressure to an over-burdened workforce, there is an urgent need to build the cyber specialists of tomorrow. In my view, the next generation of cyber specialists will face threats we can only imagine today, especially as the evolution of generative Artificial Intelligence is now…
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Paraflare has really helped by partnering with us, understanding who we are, what we need and delivering force multipliers that help our team do their job better.
Paul Gerloff
Head of Cyber Security
John Holland