Our Mission

Preventing cyber security breaches through the provision of effective and tailored solutions designed for Australian business and Government.

Experienced Professionals

ParaFlare’s leadership and technical teams are comprised of technology professionals who refined their skills securing the Australian Department of Defence, Other Government Agencies and ASX 200 networks and communications.

Along the way they prevented attacks from the same adversaries who represent the biggest threat to businesses and Government agencies today.

Our Process

Our approach is honest and systematic. ParaFlare takes experience gained in corporate and Government environments to determine how real world threats and criminals seek to penetrate your systems. Then we prevent them.

  • You don’t understand what your biggest threats are or how your IT system prevents hacks. You think you’re vulnerable and need to know how to protect your corporate data.

  • We assess your critical IT assets, people and processes for cyber-attack vectors, including the deployment of our Australian developed TripFlare system.

  • We have defined your network boundaries, discovered authorised and unauthorised devices and intimately know your system. Your corporate data is protected everywhere.

  • We offer monitoring 24/7 so your IT systems can be protected while IT staff are not at work, giving peace of mind knowing ParaFlare have your back.


Australian Defence For Global Threats

ParaFlare consists of a team of specialists based in Sydney, Canberra and Adelaide and provides cyber security solutions to high-risk small business, medium business and Government ranging from 10-10,000 users.

ParaFlare provides simple and cost-effective solutions combating complex information security and cyber security problems that are presented to our clients on a day by day basis.

Talk To Us Today

If you would like your business to undertake a self-assessment to understand if you are protected or not, download our ParaFlare Cyber Security Self-Assessment today.