Cyber Defence

Managed Detection and Response and Digital Forensics and Incident Response are the two main pillars of Active Cyber Defence.

Active Cyber Defence is the highest level of cyber protection. It includes a range of services to uplift the existing cyber security of a business or organisation, and minimise cyber risk.

Our main focus is providing the highest level of protection through Managed Detection and Response, or 24/7 cyber operations. Our highly trained cyber operators use the best tools and technology, combined with human intelligence, to detect, contain and quickly eliminate cyber threats – acting as an extension to your own security team.

In addition to MDR and DFIR, we offer Threat Intelligence, Threat Hunting, Adversary Simulation, Deception, advanced SIEM services, and Customised Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR).

We also offer Proactive Services, including tabletop exercises, compromise assessments, and strategy and planning.

After years developing specialist cyber and intelligence skills in Defence and across the national security community, we offer the same protection to businesses and organisations. Our brand of Active Cyber Defence is unique in the market.

With reports of new malware being available to threat actors every seven seconds, Active Cyber Defence is more important than ever.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre describes active defence as ‘..proactively implementing a spectrum of security measures to strengthen a network or system to make it more robust against attack.’

If you’re not actively hunting for cyber attackers inside your network or system, they’re likely already there.

Talk to our team about how our Active Cyber Defence can strengthen your cyber security and reduce your cyber risk.

We constantly monitor the latest threats, and apply the best cyber threat intelligence, to protect your organisation and reduce your cyber risk.
Security Posture


The responsibility of all to protect their systems, passwords and data. It’s about an organisation’s attitude, culture and approach to security


Includes implementation of tools and processes to harden networks including firewalls, and antivirus software with limited human integration.


Highly specialised people actively detecting, containing and eradicating cyber threats within your system.
Cyber security doesn’t have to be complicated.
Our factsheet explains in more detail how to achieve comprehensive cyber security through self defence, passive defence and active defence.
Paraflare Factsheet
We believe it’s easier to protect reputations than try to rebuild them – and in today’s world if you aren’t actively searching day and night for threats in your network it’s likely they are already there.
Frank Santucci
Paraflare CTO