Managed risk services

can help you improve your cyber maturity

The focus is on identifying and mitigating risks
We can help you address security gaps

Sometimes, businesses are unsure whether they have the right level of cyber protection in place.

We offer a range of Managed Risk Services in addition to Managed Detection and Response, and Digital Forensics and Incident Response. These services are a good way to build up your cyber maturity and can help identify any gaps you may have. Our Managed Risk Services include:

  • cyber tabletop exercises
  • Adversary Simulation
  • Active Defence Strategy and Roadmap


Cyber tabletop exercises
Test your team's response to a cyber breach

Our Tabletop Exercise service is designed to help businesses and organisations test their ability to respond to a cyber incident through a simulation. We look at the processes in place, the cyber incident response plan, the crisis team, strategic communication, and the technical response. This is a good way to find and fix the gaps in your security response. Talk to our team about running a tabletop exercise to test your cyber preparedness.

Cyber security is a continuous journey. For many people, the road ahead is unclear. We can help by working with you to understand your cyber maturity, assess your cyber risk and map out the road ahead.
Director of Solutions and Delivery, ParaFlare
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Adversary Simulation
A combined team exercise

ParaFlare’s Adversary Simulation program started when a customer came to us with a problem – “We have a yearly penetration test, we find a bunch of issues and spend the next year fixing them, only to be tested again and find even more issues – we want more regular testing”.

Our program is unique in that it is not a purely red team oriented activity. It is a true “purple” team exercise where adversarial staff will test both the customer’s environment as well as ParaFlare’s own Security Operations Centre (the blue team).

This provides mutual benefits. Customers receive regular, highly specialised security testing and ParaFlare’s Security Operations Centre is tested against the latest adversarial techniques to ensure our MDR service is the best it could possibly be.

We simulate real world, non time-bound adversary behaviours, providing the ability to mimic likely technical, physical, social attacks, demonstrating compromise and impact.

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.
Sun Tzu
- Chinese military general, strategist, philosopher
Active Defence Strategy and Roadmap
Plan and prepare with a tactical roadmap

ParaFlare’s Active defence strategy and roadmap leverages our expertise to give customers a pragmatic and tactical roadmap to improve their ability to detect and respond to cyber threats.

Our team of specialists will work with your technology team and wider organisation to understand the business context, the threats relevant to you, and then use our proprietary framework to assess your current Active cyber defence capability.

We align our delivery approach to guidelines from MITRE D3F3ND and NIST, in addition to our experience responding to real world cyber events.

We will deliver a report that can be presented to your Board, including a strategic roadmap outlining the current state of your cyber security, and the work needed to achieve your desired level of cyber maturity.

The last thing you want to do is test an incident response plan with a live incident. All organisations should have a cyber incident response plan that is up-to-date AND regularly tested to make sure they can respond and recover quickly if a threat makes it past the security controls.
Frank Santucci
ParaFlare CTO