ParaFlare and Deloitte to join forces
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Adam McCarthy
August 7, 2023
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To our customers, partners, stakeholders and the cyber community,

Today, we share some exciting news with you.

After carefully considering a number of options for the future of our business, we have made the decision to join Deloitte Australia.

ParaFlare means as much to us today as it did the day when we took on our first customer in 2016. Our business name is derived from ‘parachute flare’ which is used on the battlefield to light up the enemy’s position without revealing your own. This is how we thought about cyber security, and the fight against hackers who thrive in dark spaces.

Back then, we could see that managed detection and response was the future of cyber security. As cyber threats have continually increased in scale and frequency, the need for quality MDR services to protect businesses is more important than ever.

To offer our customers the best people, technology and capability, we knew we needed to partner with a cyber security leader with a similar vision, shared values and the same commitment to excellence.

Deloitte is a global leader in cyber security, with advanced capabilities, and we look forward to executing the mission together.

We have a team of the best and brightest people in cyber security. We are a business of people, we believe in our team and we can’t wait to see what they can do with new capabilities. Thank you to each and every one of you for going above and beyond for our customers and each other every day.

Our focus remains on managed detection and response, and partnering with our customers to provide the highest level of cyber protection.

Special thanks to the dedicated and unbelievably talented people who supported us throughout the transaction including AshurstAllier Capital and Deloitte Australia.

Adam and Frank.

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