Building the future cyber workforce: UNSW & ParaFlare
April 5, 2023
5 min read.

With cyber professionals in high-demand, and the threat environment adding constant pressure to an over-burdened workforce, there is an urgent need to build the cyber specialists of tomorrow.

In my view, the next generation of cyber specialists will face threats we can only imagine today, especially as the evolution of generative Artificial Intelligence is now upon us. We all have a role to play in building a highly-skilled cyber workforce to face those threats head-on.

That’s why ParaFlare is partnering with the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Business School Sandbox Program, which is run by the School of Information Systems. The Program is a platform that empowers three-way partnerships among industry, academics, and students to co-create solutions for contemporary business and social problems.

As part of our partnership with the UNSW Sandbox Program, ParaFlare has designed an assignment that allows students to solve a real cybersecurity challenge facing businesses today.

Our team of experts, who hunt down cyber threats every day, has devised a security breach scenario based on real-world events. Through a hypothetical, students will work with the organisation’s recently appointed CISO to deliver a strategic pathway for the organisation to build out its detection and response capability to defend against future attacks. They will examine the organisation’s threat and risk profile and recommend a future state cyber security technology environment. They will also explore different capabilities that enable strong detection and response outcomes such as detections engineering, threat intelligence and hunting, Digital forensics and incident response, as well as developing an appreciation for the importance of Managed detection and response in rounding out an organisation’s Active defence capability.

The Sandbox Program has been responsible for creating a transformative learning experience for students and brought fresh ideas to our industry partners. Students often describe their Sandbox experience as eye-opening, meaningful, and promoting their interest in different careers. Through the three-way relationship established among students, academics, and industry, past Sandbox collaborations have developed into direct employment outcomes and research partnerships.
My hope for the program is that students will develop a hunger for cyber security, and imagine a world where threat hunters have the advantage. I want them to understand that protecting Australian businesses and organisations from cyber threats contributes to our national security.

It’s real, it’s meaningful, and our economy depends on it.

Find out more about the UNSW Sandbox Program.

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