Is it time for an Incident Response retainer?
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Frank Santucci
December 8, 2022
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It’s no secret that our exposure to cyber threats has increased. That includes individuals, businesses, organisations, and governments.

While we can never reduce our cyber risk to zero, we can improve the way we plan and prepare for a cyber-attack, which in turn helps us recover more quickly, and minimise the damage caused.

At ParaFlare, we’re often called in to help a business in the middle of a cyber-attack, and of course we’re always ready to do that. This is an emotional and chaotic time for everyone involved. However, we first need to make sure there is an agreed scope of work in place, followed by a signed service agreement outlining the terms and conditions before we can start working on the incident.

For larger companies, this can be a time-consuming exercise traversing layers of approval, including a legal team. As anyone who has suffered a cyber breach will tell you a quick response is critical.

Just as importantly, negotiating a contract too quickly can mean valuable information is missed, or miscommunicated, which may have unwanted impacts down the track.

This is where a ParaFlare Incident Response retainer can help.

What does an Incident Response Retainer offer?

  1. The service level agreement will be reviewed, signed, and in place. This can cut down your response time by weeks.
  2. A response plan will be ready. This includes a review of your environment to list out your tools, logs and systems (another time saving exercise). In the event of an incident, you will know when and how to call us for help.
  3. You will have access to prepaid hours and terms. That means our Digital Forensics and Incident Response team can start work quickly, based on an agreed statement of work.
  4. You will have 24/7 support. We work around the clock, 365 days a year.
  5. If you do not experience a cyber incident, you will have access to other pro-active services – including a Tabletop Exercise, Compromise Assessment or Threat Modelling Workshop.

Many organisations lack the resources and capability to respond to a serious cyber breach. A review of the recent data breaches in Australia should be enough to have most Boards, executives and security leaders busily reviewing their business’ cyber incident response and business continuity plans. And that may reveal that the best course of action is to bring in a trusted security partner who can assist you quickly in the event of a cyber-attack.

An Incident Response retainer can help busy organisations prioritise their cyber security, without having to grow their headcount, or add to the increasing burden on what might be an overstretched security team.

So have a goal, which includes a plan, and ongoing planning. You can wish on many things, just not your incident response readiness.

If you would like more information about a ParaFlare Incident Response retainer, contact our team.

ParaFlare is an Australian company specialising in active cyber defence. If this article raises any questions that you would like to discuss, please email

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