Meet Carlie Gibson, our Director of Marketing and Communication
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Carlie Gibson

How long have you been with ParaFlare?

I’ve been with ParaFlare for just over twelve months after working in Defence, and across Government.

Why did you join?

After working in the information warfare area of Defence, my eyes were opened to the challenges we face in the cyber domain – from our awareness of the threats, to our ability to recover from a significant cyber event. We have a lot of work to do, and I wanted to be a small part of the solution.

I was inspired by ParaFlare’s mission to protect businesses and organisations from growing cyber threats. I love that we’re contributing to our nation’s security by helping to make businesses more secure, which keeps them focused on what they do best!

How do you approach your role?

I really value authenticity and empathy through communication, and I keep that in mind at all times. It’s so important to understand your audience, and focus on their needs more than your own. You don’t need to tell people how good you are (wise words from my Mum!). Instead, work hard to understand your customer or audience’s needs and challenges, and make that your focus.

As technology continues to evolve, the value of genuine communication will only increase, and that builds trust. In our line of work, trust is everything.

Tell us about your career path

I completed a communication degree majoring in Journalism and worked as a regional television reporter for a short time. As a country girl, I couldn’t see myself working as a reporter in the city, so I moved into media adviser roles, including for a number of federal minsters. I then joined the APS and have worked in a number of communication roles, refining my skills as a writer and strategist.

Tell us a surprising fun fact about you

I’m a children’s book author in my spare time (The Sisters Saint-Claire series, A Boat of Stars), and I’ve just joined the Army as a part-time Public Affairs Officer. (Ok, that was two fun facts… 😉)

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