Founded in 2016 by cyber security experts

Adam McCarthy and Frank Santucci

The story of ParaFlare
Our founders spent years serving and protecting the Australian Defence Force from cyber threats.

In 2001, terrorists targeted America on home soil in a series of co-ordinated attacks, and the world changed. Adam McCarthy was 18, and had just completed his Army basic training when he was told to prepare for war.

Frank Santucci was two weeks away from joining the Army. He had graduated from IT and was working in the ICT sector, when he made the choice to combine his love of the outdoors with his passion for cyber security. Frank quickly found himself in the Special Forces serving his country in the information warfare space.

This set the tone for the next twenty years of their careers, where they developed highly specialised skills to protect the Australian Defence Force and the nation in cyberspace.

“During my career, I was working with the Special Air Services Regiment in Perth and the training I was afforded expanded my view to the ever-growing threat of cyber attacks against Australia, and the highly specialised cyber capabilities we had within Defence.

“That’s where I saw a gap in the market in Australia. Frank and I realised the Australian economy was woefully under-prepared for cyber attacks. We knew Australian businesses and organisations needed active defence against growing cyber threats, and that’s why we started ParaFlare.” ~ Adam McCarthy.

“You’re only as strong as your weakest link. If our business economy and our critical infrastructure are weak in the face of cyber threats, that impacts on our national security. We wanted to apply our skills and our operational mindset to the commercial space to actively defend and protect businesses against growing cyber threats. That’s how ParaFlare was born.” ~ Frank Santucci.

We want businesses to feel confident that their Active cyber defence partner is working day and night behind the scenes to protect them. We want them to be robust in the face of a breach, and resilient and resolute in recovery.
Adam McCarthy —
ParaFlare CEO
Our mission is to relentlessly patrol our client’s systems, detect, and immediately eliminate threats from their network.
Frank Santucci -
ParaFlare CTO
Our values define who we are, the customers we work with, and the way we do business.

paraflare values


Do the right thing, first time & every time.


Moral courage & resilience to act in the best interests of our clients.


Explore opportunities and embrace innovation to improve our service to our clients.


Respect for ourselves, our colleagues, our community & our clients… we value differences.


Support each other, our allies and our security partners.

The National Security
History Of Paraflare
After years spent protecting the Australian Defence Force And the nation, we know that by bringing the sharpest minds together with the latest tech and a global mindset, your business is in safe hands.
Paraflare has 80 staff across Australia and is continuing to grow.

People are the heart and soul of ParaFlare. We offer the best people, combined with the best tools and technology, to protect our clients.

The majority of the team has deep expertise in national security and over 70% hold active security clearances.

Our commitment to national security has been extended to protect Australian businesses and organisations from constantly evolving threats and contribute to our national cyber resilience.

Paraflare Is an Australian Eyes Only 24/7 Operation

This enables cyber operators to provide constant support to National Security customers.

Paraflare’s Security Operations Centre Has Been Accredited By The Department Of Defence To A Zone 3 Standard.

This allows for the handling of classified information along with the ISO 27001 accreditation which is audited annually by BSI Group.

The Team, The Operations, The Systems, And The Technology Stack Are Sovereign To Australia, However, Paraflare Can Service The Global Market.

Client data and telemetry stays within the customer’s legislative regions, backed by globally cyber-assured Microsoft infrastructure.

After years spent protecting the Australian Defence Force And the nation, we know that by bringing the sharpest minds together with the latest tech and a global mindset, your business is in safe hands.
Major General (retired)
Dr Marcus Thompson
Chair of the Board of ParaFlare