Are You Cyber Secure?

We Detect and Kill Threats Before They Wreak Havoc.

New technology Equals New Threats

In today’s world, new technology comes with new threats. Being cyber secure means that your data is protected, networks are secure, devices are prepared for an attack, programs are properly screened and protected, and ultimately you know what to do if you are breached. Allow us to protect your organisation from ever changing cyber risks.

Do you know your organisation’s susceptibility?


of estimated companies faced attempted attack


of estimated companies reported tangible impacts on business


of estimated companies report facing daily attempts*

With such large rates of attacks occurring, the question is: how prepared are you WHEN the attack occurs?

Full cyber assessment

Schedule a full cyber assessment and discover your vulnerabilities within your organisation’s cyber strategy. Our penetration tests will show where cyber vulnerabilities could exploited. After the diagnosis, we will provide a full debrief of your cyber infrastructure strengths and weaknesses and how we can improve those vulnerabilities.

Do you know your organisation’s susceptibility?

Are You Cyber Compliant?

Failure to notify of breaches can result in hefty fines for individuals and for organizations.

Company Cyber Procedures

Around 29% of organisations report having no cyber security procedures in place.

Help! My Business Has Been Hacked!

Only 33% of organisations reported having an incident response plan in place AND reviews it on a regular basis.

Lack Of Resources & Staff Expertise

43% of organisations are not aware of threats or vulnerabilities until it manifests into a compromise*

Where are you being attacked from?

Large Networks Can Equal Large Vulnerability

Around 97% of companies have employees who work remotely and 73% of companies follow BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies.

Disgruntle Employees Can Cause Damage

According to Ponemon Institute, 62% of business users report they have access to data they should not have access to.

Malware – A Hostile Software

Types of malware include ransomware, viruses, trojan horses, and many more. Hackers use multiple methods and tricks to implement and damaging software in your business.

Social Engineering & Phishing

It's estimated that 84% of attempted attacks come in the form of phishing and 42% of successful attacks come in the form of phishing and social engineering.

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If you would like your business to undertake a self-assessment to understand if you are protected or not, download our ParaFlare Cyber Security Self-Assessment today.