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Cyber threats

Cyber threats have increased in complexity, impact and sophistication. Cyber-crime is such big business even Nation States are in on the act. With data powerful and valuable – every business is an attractive target.

What kinds of threats are you at risk from?

  • Direct Threats – Asia Pacific Companies receive a Cyber threat every 10* seconds, often using technology that can be used to ransom and lock out companies from their own systems.
  • Financial Impact – in 2018 1.3 Trillion USD** was stolen globally. If Cyber-crime were a nation it would be the 15th largest, just behind Australia.
  • Theft – in the United States alone, 1.9 Billion data records were compromised in the first half of 2017**. With mandatory breach laws, privacy and legal obligations to protect consumer data, theft can cause significant financial and brand damage.

    *Cisco Asia Pacific Security Benchmark 2018 | ** Breach Level Index Report 2017

Where are these threats coming from?

  • Organised Crime Syndicates – Cyber-crime is big business, eclipsing the $500 Billion* drug importation trade in the United States by over double. With cyber-crime so profitable it’s attractive to lone wolf operators too.
  • Internal Data Breaches – whether it’s a disgruntled employee or opportunistic theft, many data breaches happen internally to organisations.
  • Nation States – in early 2020, Australia witnessed a wide-scale and highly organised Cyber-attack targeting Government and private enterprise. Likely co-ordinated by a foreign Government.

How do they get past my Firewalls and Anti-virus?

Despite acting illegally, hackers are surprisingly brazened about how they go about their business.

In the 2018 Nuix Black Report Hackers survey, they reported:

  • 70% of hackers said they could breach any market sector in 10-15 hours
  • 77% said they rarely identified a security team to stop them
Hackers breach in 10-15 hours70%
Hackers breach in 10-15 hours
Unopposed by security teams77%
Unopposed by security teams

Here are some other vulnerabilities

Lack of Education
84% of attempted attacks are email phishing, and 42% of successful attacks are in the form of phishing and social engineering*. Teaching employees about the risks of email attacks can help.

Foreign Devices
*73% of organisations allow staff to bring their own device, and if an unsecured mobile, like an iPhone, connects to your system, the network can be breached. Awareness and software can resolve this.

Access Error
*62% of business users report they have access to data they shouldn’t have. This fact combined with a disgruntled employee, can easily be the source of a breach.

Remove Access
*97% of businesses have employees who work remotely. Whether it’s out on the road, or working from home, systems are less secure when they’re outside your controlled environment.

With COVID-19 creating a greater mobile work force, remote access is an increasing issue – easily solved with the right solution.

What can I do about it?

Talk to us about how we help you understand how and where you are at risk.

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