We relentlessly patrol our clients’ systems, detect, and immediately eliminate threats.

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Two key questions ParaFlare answers are:
“Do you know if you have been compromised, and if so, what do we do about it?”

Founded by two ex-military cybersecurity specialists, ParaFlare take a people based approach to Security Operations. We believe this is superior and different to others in the market.

Adam McCarthy

Frank Santucci

Adam and Frank are two ex-military cybersecurity specialists. Their unique background is in military information security, special forces, working with classified government networks, and the Australian Defence Force. In addition, they were forward deployed on security tasking in support of Australian and Coalition operations ensuring the security of strategic missions. It is this experience that they bring to your organisation.

Our Services

We offer a range of services to meet the needs and demands of our clients while focusing on three core areas.

Managed, Detection & Response

ParaFlare provides passive detection services, active detection services (actively testing potential threat scenarios and seeking to put in place new detection and reporting protocols) and reporting.

Incident Response

ParaFlare provides advice and technical support for investigations and corrective actions where an organisation has already suffered a security breach.

Professional Services

ParaFlare provides specialist, short term contract resources into organisations to form part of an internal cyber security capability. These services are provided to government entities (both domestic and foreign) and to the private sector.

What is Managed Detection & Response? (MDR)

Endpoint Detection & Response
Host based detection identifying threats.
Compliance Assurance
Compliance assistance and risk mitigation.
Complete Network Visibility
Now there’s nowhere left to hide.
On Call Incident Responders
Real people, in Australia, responding to real threats.

Global Protection – On or Offsite
Peace of mind, all over the world.
247 Monitoring Operations Centre
We never sleep, so you can rest easy.
Increase Cyber

Education as prevention
Powerful Threat Processing
Perfect combination of artificial, and organic intelligence.

Our Process

ParaFlare’s people know tactics, techniques and protocols of the threat actors which wish to do harm to your assets. It is through this in-depth knowledge of our adversary that ParaFlare is uniquely positioned to detect, respond and contain cyber-attacks.

You don’t understand what your biggest threats are or how your IT system prevents hacks. You think you’re vulnerable and need to know how to protect your corporate data.

We assess your critical IT assets, looking for vulnerabilities in your systems and networks. We also examine your people and processes, and identify any potential issues.

Now we take action, deploying our proprietary TripFlare system into your network and beginning the process of tailoring, and fine tuning detection strategies.

Your data is now protected worldwide. We’ve defined your network boundaries, discovered authorised and unauthorised activity, and we know your system intimately.


Breaches in cyber security can mean loss of funds and loss of data, but loss of trust and reputation can often be the most damaging.
When the cost of a detection program far outweighs the potential for loss,it’s certainly prudent to investigate further.

Developed in Australia, for Australian businesses.

Our proprietary Managed Detection and Response system, TripFlare, is active in organisations of all sizes, all over the world. And with a track record of success, for less cost than a full-time security operator, it could be the best investment you ever make.

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