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Carbon Black is the industry leader in providing the most comprehensive endpoint threat protection, threat detection and response solution. It is the industry’s only solution that provides integrated coverage for every aspect of endpoint threat protection: continuous monitoring and recording for real-time visibility into every endpoint, multiple forms of signature-less threat prevention, instant and customisable detection, and the industry’s only incident response solution that combines continuous recording with live response and remediation capabilities.

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Splunk is a San Francisco based software company who produces software for searching, monitoring and analysing machine generated big data. Splunk has taken the art of log collection and analysis into the 21st century which is why ParaFlare has selected them as a preferred partner. The ability to store, search and analyse logs is what makes any credible Cyber Service Provider worth its salt and it is through this analysis that threats are identified and mitigated. Splunk is a powerful collection tool when placed in the hands of Cyber experts. ParaFlare has several Certified Splunk Professionals who have deployed Splunk in complex Government and corporate environments.

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ForeScout CounterACT agentless technology discovers, classifies and assesses devices. CounterACT interrogates the network infrastructure to discover devices as they connect to the network. Our customers have reported seeing up to 60% more devices on their network than previously known. After discovering a device, CounterACT uses a combination of passive and active methods to classify the device according to its type and ownership. Based on its classification, CounterACT then assesses the device security posture and allows organizations to set policies that establish the specific behavior the device can have while connected to a network.

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Beyond Binary helps companies take responsibility for securing their systems and networks in a time when technology moves faster than even the most vigilant businesses can keep pace with. The team at Beyond Binary combine strong engineering experience with offensive security capabilities to deliver a unique set of attack simulation services. Beyond Binary's offensive security work leverages this background knowledge to gain deep insights into the architecture and intricacies of systems, and how an attacker might exploit them.

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Veramine’s Endpoint Detection & Response platform provides instant access to real-time and historical event data, coupled with advanced mitigation features and fully featured forensic collection capability. It is designed for cyber specialists who recognise access to the highest quality data drives the most successful security outcomes. ParaFlare and Veramine regularly collaborate to develop custom, deep integrations to provide unique advantages for customers.

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