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Cyber Defence

As Australia’s number one in Managed Detection and Response, our people using our knowledge are your best cyber weapon.

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Traditional cyber defences just don’t cut it anymore. We reduce the risk of breach and damage by actively patrolling your networks – and we’re constantly monitoring local and global threats.

Don’t take it from us – the National Institute of Standards and Technology suggests Detection and Response should be 40% of your Cyber strategy. We get it.

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Managed Detection and Response

Incident response

Ongoing protection with Managed Detect and Respond is vital to ensure you are fully protected – however not all companies have MDR. In the event of a worst-case scenario we rapidly respond and assess the impact of a Cyber Incident via our comprehensive Incident Response services.

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Need to bolster your internal Cyber Operations capability? We provide our best people to local and global organisations including Governments to help with short term security needs.

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Professional services


We achieve the highest levels of protection by combining human intelligence and technology – not just software alone.

We share intelligence and knowledge to improve the security of all.

Our resource centre provides the latest insights, technical articles and education on cyber threats.

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Leading businesses, domestic and foreign governments choose us to protect them – and the nature of our work means we can’t reveal who they are.

Who we can talk about are the leading technology partners we use to help secure and protect networks and cyber infrastructure.

Partners who don’t mind their identities being revealed.

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