They're probably inside your system already.

Managed Detection & Response

What is Managed Detection and Response?

An active collaboration between cyber intelligence operators, and threat detection software. Followed up by the immediate removal, isolation or elimination of a cyber threat.

How does it work with ParaFlare?

We deliver a range of activities that combine to fully protect your data from cyber criminals, anywhere and everywhere, on a 247 basis.

Managed Detection & Response Range

Endpoint Detection & Response

Every point of entry to your systems is monitored by world class software, and world class cyber warfare operators. If a valid threat is detected we respond by immediately eliminating it.
Rapid detection of advanced threats.

Complete Network Visibility

There are always hidden corners of your network that are vulnerable to a breach. We shine a light into the system giving you enhanced visibility of the entire network.

Now there’s nowhere left to hide.

On Call Incident Responders

If your cyber-security is breached at 3am, an intelligence operator will respond immediately – and if we need to be on site for a major incident response, we’ll be there ASAP.
Real people, based in Australia, responding to real threats.

Global Protection – On or Offsite

No matter where your employees go, or what they do with their devices you’re protected. Airport, shared office or hotel wifi connections? Total detection. Download and App to your iPhone in Starbucks? No problem.
Peace of mind, all over the world.

247 Monitoring Operations Centre

Cyber criminals operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. And so do we. There’s always a team of professionals active in our Operations Centre.
We never sleep, so you can rest easy.

Powerful Threat Processing

We use secure, best in class threat intelligence systems to analyse advanced threats in your network - helping us determine what requires our undivided attention.
Perfect combination of artificial, and organic intelligence.

Collectively it’s Australia’s most advanced Managed Detection & Response System, we call it TripFlare, and it’s what you need to protect your most valuable data.

Case Study - Manage Detect & Respond


Find out why a Network Security Engineer at an organisation of 1,200 employees, with offices all over the world and a large threat profile, calls us his ‘Sleeping Pill’. Discover how we defend another organisations 600 employees, working closely with their IT team of three, delivering world class cyber security at a fraction of the cost of a full time resource.


What to do if you’ve been hacked?

We can take care of it all:

  • Threat’s Detected Immediately
  • Immediate Global Threat Intelligence
  • Active Response Initiated
  • Best in Class Breach Containment
  • Intelligence Officers on-site Within Hours
  • Impending Disasters Averted

Speed is of the essence when security incidents occur, making the difference between a minor inconvenience and a major disaster. If we’re already working with you, our incident response time is less than two minutes, which is well below average.

If you’re not an existing client then we can still help, and we’ll respond as soon as you contact us.

Be aware, it’s possible the threat may have been lying undetected in your systems for some time before you discover it.
The average dwell time for a cyber intrusion is 196 days.

What to do if you’ve been hacked?

It’s important to react decisively, so ensure you have an Incident Response Plan in place. And be aware, the nature of threats are always evolving, so you need to revisit your plan frequently.

The longer a threat is present, the more damage you will experience. Company reputations and billions of dollars have been lost in this way.


Thanks to an ‘economical’ cyber security program, Sony pictures lost all the data on 3,262 computers and 837 servers, with an estimated cost to the company of $118m. That’s 47% of all the computers owned by the business, and 53% of all servers.

Cyber Law Compliance

The law follows the crime

Cyber-attacks have increased almost exponentially in recent years, and legislation is beginning to catch up.
If you run a business in Australia with over $3M annual revenue you’re now forced to publicly disclose data breaches.
If you’re not compliant in all operating territories, you as an individual could be liable for the breach – and open to legal action.
In Australia there are currently 2.7 breach notifications made public per day.*

Ignorance is no excuse

Changes to the Privacy Law, Australian Privacy Principles and the new Mandatory Data Breach Notification Laws are difficult to keep up with. Not doing so, however, is not an excuse.

Litigation follows the law

Lawyers and consumers are waking up to the failings of organisations that allow data breaches, and litigation is following.

*OIC: Notifiable Data Breaches Quarterly Statistics Report: 1 July – 30 September 2018

Compliance Breach


Yahoo dodged a bullet in 2017 when they belatedly acknowledged the compromise of 3 billion user accounts, the largest security breach in history at the time. They just missed out on newly introduced GDPR requirements, which would have resulted in fines of between $80M to $160 Million.


Do you know where you’re systems are potentially vulnerable? If you’re not 100% sure, it’s possible your systems have been compromised already.

Our Compromise Assessment service shines a light into the darkness. Revealing the weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your cyber infrastructure. Identifying threats if they’re already lying hidden within your network.

Cyber-criminals’ main weapon is stealth, and we effectively remove it. Then we put a detailed report together, outlining compromised systems, recommending actions to shore up your defences, and identifying what you can do to detect threats.

We’ve been fighting the war on cyber-crime for a long time.

We know how cyber criminals think, and we know their techniques, so we use that experience to protect you and your organisation.

How do we do it?

  • Endpoint Detection Software
  • Advanced Threat Processing
  • MITRE’s ATT&CK Analysis
  • Multiple Intelligence Feeds
  • Decades of Experience

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