Cyber detection & response

We have a range of services to ensure your organisation is protected from ever changing cyber  ;risks.


"The deployment of firewalls, security sensors, end-point security and awareness training will prevent breaches while giving you an advantage over your competitors - but Paraflare take that a step further with our Managed Detection and Response Service.

ParaFlare takes experience gained in corporate and government environments to determine how real world threats and criminals seek to penetrate your systems. Our 24/7 security operation centre is manned by security analysts who discover threats, identify 2017 source, contain the breach and eradicate hackers from your system. Rather than having an on-call employee, we integrate with our IT service provider, your technology, and your organisation’s procedures to detect and respond to your cyber threats.

When you choose our Managed Detection and Response Service (MDRS), we are able to provide you immediate reaction to incidents as they occur. MDRS is retainer or subscription based and is proven to be more cost effective than a 9 to 5 resource. Instead of hiring one unskilled security person, you can rely on our whole team of highly skilled cyber operators to watch your back.

Strengthen your security with 24/7 managed cyber detection

With ParaFlare Managed Detection and Response Service, ParaFlare knows your business, knows the way you work, knows who you are and what you want to protect. We are your trusted Cyber Security Partner.

  • Rapid deployment: Visibility in 60 minutes
  • Security experts to augment your IT team
  • GLOBAL device monitoring
  • Advanced threat detection
  • Proactive threat hunting
  • Incident validation and notification

Case Study - Manage Detect & Respond


Rather than having a dedicated team member on-call, we prefer to integrate our cutting edge technology with your current IT set-up, allowing us to quickly and efficiently detect and respond to real-time cyber threats.


Need a cyber operations team on the ground yesterday?

ParaFlare cyber operators know that "time to target" is critical in executing an Incident Response.

  • Australian Based Resources
  • Get a response in hours, not days
  • Global Threat Intelligence from Hour 1
  • Backed by Industry Leading Organisations

ParaFlare pride ourselves on our ability to rapidly respond to incidents that our current or future clients may face. We have a team of Government trained cyber security professionals that can be deployed to detect and respond to your current cyber threat. Our security analysts average response time to a threat is 2 minutes.

Have you been hacked? ParaFlare offers immediate response to a wide variety of cyber attacks. If this is a 000 cyber crisis, we are here to help.

When these attacks happen, it’s important to react decisively and have an incident response plan in place. In critical cyber attack situations, threats are always changing and response plans need to be updated with cyber advancements.

More damage can occur to a company the longer it is exposed to a cyber threat. An immediate response to a threat can be the difference between a $100,000 loss or a $1 Billion loss in assets and future growth.

Sony Pictures Server Breach

Sony Picture’s subpar cyber security resulted in everything stored on 3,262 of the company’s 6,797 personal computers and 837 of its 1,555 servers to be erased with an estimated cost to the company at nearly $118 million.


In 2016, 69% of security executives reported experiencing an attempted theft or corruption of data by insiders during the last 12 months*.

Insider threats pose a potentially lethal threat to an organisation. From releasing sensitive information to the public or competitors to deleting critical information, insider threats can become disastrous. While some actions may be carried out with malicious intentions, some could be a result of ignorance or negligence.

ParaFlare deploys real-time sensors providing visibility into what’s running at any point in time within your businesses network and systems. Our continuous monitoring and recording of all endpoint activity provides details about processes, including where and how data was originated, moved or exfiltrated.

Concerned about losing your Intellectual Property?

ParaFlare takes experience gained protecting highly sensitive networks to combats insider threats through simple and effective solutions tailored to your operations.

  • Monitor Third Parties
  • Monitor Users
  • Bridge Compliance Gaps
  • Prevent Data Leakage
  • Investigate Incidents

Cyber Attack

Wannacry Ransomware Attack

The WannaCry outbreak was a devastating ransomware attack which struck businesses across the world in 2017. The attack was estimated to have affected more than 200,000 computers across 150 countries, with total damages ranging from hundreds of millions to billions of dollars. Download to learn how the WannaCry ransomware worked and how your systems could have been protected.

Cyber Law Compliance

It’s common to be confused by the requirements under the Privacy Act, Australian Privacy Principles, or the newly introduced Mandatory Data Breach Notification Laws. Many laws are starting to force disclosure of data breaches and increase your chances of litigation.

If you’re a company that has greater than $3 million in revenue per year, work in health, education, or deal with PII as part of your business – these laws apply to you.

Don’t be the one caught out of cybersecurity compliance.

Breach of contractual confidentiality provisions could make you as an individual or your company liable and open to legal action.

Lawyers are starting to wake up to cyber risks but we’re yet to see significant litigation against companies that are negligent when it comes to compliance. It is only a matter of time before cyber compliance liability really starts to bite and companies are sued.

Compliance Breach


At the time when 3 billion user accounts had been breached at Yahoo in 2013-2014, it represented the largest data breach in history. Not only was the scope significant, the company didn’t disclose the breadth of the breach within 72 hours like the GDPR requires; in fact, it took them until October 2017 to fully acknowledge the extent of multiple breaches that occurred in 2013-2014.

With revenue in excess of $4 billion for 2012, Yahoo would have faced millions of dollars in fines if GDPR would have been in place—$80 million but potentially as much as $160 million depending on the variable factors of GDPR including the culpability of the company and how cooperative they were.

Cyber Awareness Training

You may have the best technology and procedures but it all can be undermined by a social engineering attack on an employee. 42% of successful attacks come from phishing and other email security attacks. These types of attacks can easily be prevented. By increasing your employee’s education and testing their ability to detect Phishing you reduce the risk for your company.

Despite 2% of organisations completely outsourcing IT functions, 51% of organisations are initially notified by external cyber professionals about possible security breaches. This gap shows lack of employee capability to predict and identify potential malicious activity.

Educate & Train

We deliver a combination of up-to-date on-site training, e-learning, and newsletters. It’s important to continually educate your in-house staff on how to identify risks and how to respond appropriately.

  • Employee Education
  • Employee Cyber Testing
  • Social Engineering Prevention

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