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Our mission is to provide the best people and technology to actively counter cyber threats that target businesses, organisations, and national security.
Managed Detection and Response

Client systems are monitored by industry leading software and an experienced cyber operations team. If a valid threat is detected, we respond by immediately eliminating it.

This service covers Information Technology and Operational Technology environments using Extended detection and response (XDR), Endpoint detection and response (EDR), and Security information event management (SIEM) technology.

Threat Hunting

This is the proactive search for cyber threats and adversaries that remain undetected in a network despite the tooling or detections in place. ParaFlare conducts frequent threat hunting exercises to challenge the assumption that the implemented detection strategies are suitable for the ever-changing cyber threat landscape. Threat hunts are conducted according to industry standards, by humans, & are not merely automated tools.

Threat Intelligence

ParaFlare believes that good threat intelligence is curated, targeted, actionable, and transparent to our customers.

ParaFlare shifts the focus from tactical threat intelligence (which is abundant in modern and native tooling) to strategic threat intelligence based on finished reports, data from dark web forums, blogs, technical data, and vulnerabilities, into a single, finished intelligence experience that drives outcomes.

Our threat intelligence service is focused on taking curated threat intelligence from our Digital forensics and incident response team, Flashpoint and our working partner – The Australian Cyber Security Centre – and applying this intelligence (threat actors, tactics, techniques and procedures and indicators of compromise) to our customers' environment through threat hunting.

Advanced Siem Services

Advanced SIEM goes beyond the SIEM implementation phase and applies a continuous use case development methodology to your business.

The SIEM gives full coverage of a client’s environment for log sources outside the endpoint. This creates a more tailored and relevant detection, response and containment capability which adapts to your ever-changing ICT landscape.

Deception Capabilities

The aim of the Deception capabilities is to detect, deceive, expose and understand adversary behaviour. This goes beyond traditional detection methods, providing insights into the source of threats for higher fidelity detections and focused response.

Adversary Simulation

This simulates real world, non-time-bound adversary behaviours, providing the ability to mimic likely technical, physical, social attacks, demonstrating compromise and impact, all of which fully integrated into the ParaFlare MDR service.

Digital Forensics Incident Response (DFIR)

Professional services include Tabletop exercises, Threat modelling workshops, Compromise assessments and Incident response capabilities.

ParaFlare’s experts present a global incident response capability. The rapidly growing team has consultants based across Australia. Combined with cyber operations staff located in Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, and the UK, ParaFlare provides world class consulting services.

Customised Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (Soar)

ParaFlare’s SOAR capability enables a more consistent, efficient, quality and measurable service for both operations staff and customers alike.

ParaFlare utilises a SOAR to automate actions that speed our response and lower the risk of missing or making an incorrect determination of an alert.

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