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Managed Detection & response

Managed Detection and Response combine our cyber operations team and threat detection software to actively monitor and protect your networks – we can immediately remove, isolate and eliminate cyber threats!

We act as an extension of your current team. With unparalleled local presence, knowledge and expertise, we’re simply the best at what we do.

Our people operate on the premise that active defence is the best defence - no matter how good your firewall or anti-virus protection are they can be circumvented.

This is where our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) comes in – actively searching for threats inside your network that you may not even be aware are there and removing them. 

We worry about MDR so you don’t have to.

ParaFlare MDR

Endpoint Detection & Response

Every point of entry to your systems is monitored by world class software, and world class cyber operators. If a valid threat is detected, we respond by immediately eliminating it.

Complete Network Visibility

There are always hidden corners of your network that are vulnerable to a breach. We shine a light into the system giving you enhanced visibility of the entire network.

On Call Incident Responders

If your cyber-security is breached at 3am, an intelligence operator will respond immediately – a team who can pick up a phone when platforms can’t – and if we need to be on site for a major incident response, we’ll be there ASAP.

Global Protection – No matter where you are

No matter where your employees go, or what they do with their devices you’re protected. Airport, shared office or hotel Wi-Fi connections? Total detection.

247 Monitoring Operations Centre

Cyber criminals operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. And so do we. There’s always a team of professionals active in our Operations Centre.
We never sleep, so you can rest easy.

Powerful Threat Processing

We use secure, best in class threat intelligence systems to analyse advanced threats in your network - helping us determine what requires our undivided attention.
Perfect combination of artificial and people intelligence.

Case study - Managed Detection & Response


Find out why a Network Security Engineer at an organisation of 1,200 employees, with offices all over the world and a large threat profile, calls us his ‘Sleeping Pill’. Discover how we defend another organisation’s 600 employees, working closely with their IT team of three, delivering world class cybersecurity at a fraction of the cost of a full-time resource.

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Incident Response Consulting

On average it takes months for a cyber breach to be discovered, and when it is, you need a team of experts who are trained and experienced in swiftly responding to cyber incidents.  Speed is of the essence in Incident Response – it can be the difference between inconvenience and disaster. The longer the threat remains, the greater the damage to your reputation and bottom line. ParaFlare’s consulting team are highly skilled to ensure that any incident you are experiencing is under control as quickly and effectively as possible.

If you have been hacked or think you have had a data breach, we can handle the full incident response process-combining cyber forensics, crisis management, threat elimination and containment. For companies recovering from a cyber incident we also offer our specialised service ParaFlare Outpost to provide increased assurance and visibility during incident response and investigation.

Identifying potential or actual threats early is the key to minimising harm to your organisation. Our proactive compromise assessment service is designed to identify signs of active or historical attacks against your organisation that you did not know existed. This service is valuable if you just want to make sure nothing has previously happened, squash suspicions, perform cyber due diligence or review a newly acquired company. A proactive compromise assessment service helps to validate assumptions, provide definitive answers, and enable informed decisions.

For those that need help

Cyber Incident Response

Our incident response services identify intrusions and eliminate security threats so you can resume operations quickly and respond to any regulatory obligations faster.  We can help to identify the scope of the breach, assist in planning the containment activities, and provide recommendations to close any security gaps identified.


Digital Forensics

Cyber criminals leave digital fingerprints that help us identify how the intrusion occurred and what impact the breach has had on your networks and data. We seek to establish facts, reconstruct a timeline of events and link activity to its source. Our digital forensics service is a comprehensive forensic examination starting with the collection and preservation of evidence, maintaining chain of custody, processing and analysing the data and producing reports that outline the findings and recommendations in plain English.

Business Email Compromise

Every year Australian businesses lose millions of dollars to business email compromise scams. Knowing the scope of the compromise, the potential data lost and the length of time that an attacker had control is essential in planning your response to those that may have been affected. We have responded to hundreds of these types of incidents and can get you the answers you need.

Recovery Support

ParaFlare Outpost is designed to provide additional vigilance during cyber incident recovery. When you have experienced the worst, it is natural to feel like you aren’t quite ready to let go of your incident response team when they start to wrap up. Using our proprietary toolsets, we monitor for additional activity, use deception technology to bring attackers out of hiding and provide cross checks and due diligence as you enact your remediation plan and recover.

Proactive Response

If you don’t want to wait until after the inevitable happens, we can help you plan your response, test it with real life tabletop simulation exercises, proactively interrogate your network and endpoints for signs of a compromise or previous breach, or help you develop your threat mitigation strategies by using threat modelling methodologies. Having seen the worst-case scenario time and time again, we can help you prepare for, or defend against it.

Compromise assessment

In Cybersecurity ignorance is not bliss.

Our Compromise Assessment service uses world leading tools and techniques to review your cyber infrastructure - identifying weaknesses and hunting for threats in your network. Our people operate on the premises that offence is the best defence – hunt or be hunted. No matter how good your firewall or anti-virus protection are they can be circumvented by a determined hacker.

How well do you know the vulnerabilities in your environment? How certain are you of the efficacy of your cyber defence measures? If you are not 100% sure, it is possible you have been compromised already and don’t know it. A compromise assessment is an important part of due diligence during an acquisition. It is no longer safe to just connect two networks and hope for the best.

While our Compromise Assessment isn’t free, it is one of the best investments you can make in securing your organisation.

What makes our Compromise Assessment unique?

  • Decades of experience in complex environments - allowing us to quickly identify threats, environment strengths and weaknesses
  • Years defeating advanced cyber actors - we know how they think and act
  • Multiple Intelligence sources – using a network of local and global intelligence to understand the latest threats including the MITRE Att&ck Framework
  • Advanced Security Technology – providing advanced threat processing and auditing of your systems and end points.

IR Retainer

When you need us the most, we are ready to help.

The IR Consulting Retainer gives fast-tracked access to our digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) experts and guarantees that you’ll have someone ready to respond to a cyber incident, without the added hassle, time and overhead of setting up and executing contracts amidst a crisis. The best part is that you don’t need to wait until an incident to use our services, as we can provide our service catalogue to you under the retainer at discounted rates whenever you’d like to engage us.

So that we can understand your needs, your technology, processes, and individual requirements we get you onboarded through our deployment program. Then as you call on us for our range of services the time to execute is dramatically reduced. We can also bring our own tools, or use yours, and if we use yours, the deployment program helps us understand what exactly is in place.

Our retainer consists of a service agreement covering our consulting services, a pack of virtual flares (each flare represents a block of consulting hours), as well as SLAs around our guaranteed response times, both with remote and onsite support if that is required. The virtual flares can be used for our consulting services, not just for incident response, giving peace of mind that even if you do not experience an incident over the term of the contract, you can always use your flares for test runs and proactive security measures such as table top exercises, compromise assessments or threat modelling workshops.


Recovering from an incident can be a daunting experience.

To assist in the recovery and provide support for the period between the response and remediation, ParaFlare’s Outpost service can provide assurance and vigilance. We can either continue to provide remote detection and response using the tooling deployed in your environment during the incident response, or, we can deploy the technology stack required (if we were not the party to complete the IR) to ensure due diligence and cross checks are in place for a full recovery. This gives confidence in your remediation plan and efforts and ensures that someone is watching post incident response to catch any further activities an attacker may make.


  • Ensure that someone is watching post incident response engagement to catch any further activities an attacker may make
  • We also ensure the scope of the attacker’s presence has been truly discovered and use deception technology to lay the bait for any active attackers and bring them out of hiding.