Fully developed in Australia, by Australians, for Australian businesses.

The greatest threat to Australian businesses today are cyber criminals whose techniques easily breach outdated computer and IT systems. They find vulnerabilities, enter, and stay hidden while extracting information of value.

The deployment of firewalls, security sensors, end point security and awareness training will prevent breaches and give you an advantage over your competitors. Our approach is honest and systematic.

ParaFlare takes experience gained in corporate and Government environments to determine how real world threats and criminals seek to penetrate your systems. Then we prevent them.

Tripflare Process

The product has a proven record of accomplishment and is utilised by several ASX 200 organisations.

  • We combine our bespoke TripFlare system with other carefully selected leading edge partner capabilities to provide our Cyber Security as a Service product enabling full end to end protection of your IT environment.

  • TripFlare is deployed through a small piece of hardware directly into your IT environment. It passively discovers, audits and monitors all devices on your network, their status, activity and system heuristics.

  • TripFlare provides actionable intelligence that allows your business to make the right risk based decision. TripFlare enhances IT system visibility and enables configuration control, intrusion prevention and threat management.

  • TripFlare is actively searching for applications in use, operating system patch levels, high risk applications, potential vulnerability exploits, malware and network anomalies.



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